Worst-case scenarios:
1:  Falling in love with someone who is deeply in love with another
2:  Losing yourself in the process of loving someone so much
3:  Falling for someone who is not willing to catch you
4:  Falling for someone who caught you but eventually let you go
5:  Being left behind by someone who matters the most to you
6:  Meaning nothing to someone who means everything to you
7:  Being second best, an option, a rebound, or cheated on
8:  Seeing the person you love so happy with someone else
9:  Getting stuck in the past
10:  Letting go of someone who was never yours
11:  Having someone who loves you so much but you can't just love back
12:  Making decisions you know you'd regret someday
13:  Laughing to hide the pain
14:  Being in a relationship that makes you feel more alone than when you were single
15:  Suppressing your feelings for someone
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